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with Michelle Lamb

Latest Episode

"Have You Been Pwned"

Log4j is causing panic across the globe and authorities discovered 225 million compromised accounts online. Find out if you’re data is on the list or among the billions listed online.

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   The Show

The Cyber & Crime Files is a podcast that covers everything from cyber-related crimes to murder. While the events in the world may change, cyber and crime will always remain.

Cyber & Crime Analyst Michelle Lamb created and hosts this podcast. 

She has appeared on countless true crime television series that can be seen on the Investigative Discovery Channel (Grave Mysteries, etc.), The Weather Channel (Storm of Suspicion), TV One (Fatal Attraction, Justice By Any Means), and the Oxygen Network (Injustice with Nancy GraceSnapped, Snapped: Killer Couples). 


Michelle is a Law school graduate who has a Cybersecurity Master's degree from a CAE-CDE designated University as well as a Bachelor's degree in Communications: Film&TV Production and Broadcasting concentrations. 


Her path has taken her all over the globe where she has covered hard news, entertainment, sports, and cybersecurity. She loves learning, informing, and helping others.


This podcast will highlight compelling cyber and crime stories. Thank you for stopping by.




Cyber & Crime Analyst

Host & Executive Producer

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